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Animation Films hmmm, allow us to put it in a way you’d love. Imagine a beefy book in your hand, in which, each page has a fine drawing of Snow White and her adventures. Captured in scrupulous detail. And then, flick the book. The rapid movement of the book, will animate the characters and bring it to life. Yes, that’s the effort that goes in the making of a 2D Animation video. Umm, that would be an understatement, make those efforts x 10.

The beauty of Animation films and Motion Graphics is that it takes you back to your childhood. And who wouldn’t want to relive those care-free days of yore. The magic and the minds behind an animation video shows us the real artistry of 2D Animation videos. And that is what we do at BeAlive Media - a humble animation production company out of Gujarat. We are an imaginative bunch of animation video makers who are out on a mission to beautify how stories are told. Apart from that, we are also documentary films maker in Gujarat and our diverse taste in work is a testament to that.

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